Stijn Vander Plaetse  


  • Master of Applied Economic Sciences followed by a number of executive trainings at Insead and London Business School.
  • Started at Belgacom ( where he headed the Product Marketing Activities since the start of the Broadband Project. By 2005, all non-voice revenues were managed by his team
  • Became CEO of Certipost (, a joint venture between the Belgian Post Solutions and Belgacom in 2005. Company providing secured e-Identity and document services (e.g. eID, e-invoicing,..). Certipost became a profitable company.
  • Became Vice President Innovation at Belgacom in 2009  where he headed a team that managed all new activities of the Belgacom group (Fix, Mobile, ICT,...)
  • has been executive boardmember of : Certipost , Clearmedia , Tunz , MobileFor
Competences :

  • excellent people management skills
  • company turnarounds / crisis management
  • fixed / mobile strategy and execution
  • mobile payments strategy and execution
  • (mobile) broadband services (cloud/iptv/mobile payments...)
  • software services strategy and execution
  • innovation strategy in high tech. environments :  strategy and execution
  • business modells strategy and execution
Why :
  • broad knowledge of the dynamics in the IT and Telecom sector both in consumer and professional segments
  • hands-on experience during 10 years in different line management roles
  • network both in corporate and start-up world.

For different missions work is done in an open collaboration model with Dann Rogge under the brand 360 consult